Amazing This Most Beautiful Butterfly

Many believe that butterflies have a very short lifespan. Amazing this most beautiful butterfly.

Amazing this most beautiful butterfly

In fact, adult butterflies are able to live for a week or almost a year depending on the species.

Most species go through a rather long larval rate, and some are able to become dormant when in pupae or egg levels in order to wade through the winter.

Butterflies can lay eggs once or many times each year. The number of offspring a year differs on the influence of the climate, in which butterflies living in the tropics are able to lay eggs more once a year.

Amazing this most beautiful butterfly

Butterflies and moths are insects belonging to winged insects.

Simply put, butterflies are distinguished from moths aka night butterflies based on their active time and physical features.

Butterflies are generally active in the daytime, while moths are mostly active at night.

Amazing this most beautiful butterfly

The butterfly rests or until by enforcing its wings, the moth until it spreads its wings.

Butterflies usually have a brilliantly beautiful color, moths tend to be dark, dull or gray. However, these differences are always there are exceptions

Butterflies and moths are very many species, on the island of Java and the island of Bali alone recorded more than 600 species of butterflies.

The type of moth so far has never been made a complete list, but it is suspected that there are hundreds of types.

Butterflies are also one of the few types of insects that are not dangerous to humans.

Amazing this most beautiful butterfly

Many people like beautiful butterflies, but on the contrary it is rare for people not to feel disgusted with caterpillars, when they are both the same creatures. All kinds of butterflies and moths go through the stages of life as eggs, caterpillars, pupate, and eventually metamorphose into butterflies or moths.

Butterflies generally live by sucking on flower honey (nectar / flower juice). However, some types like liquids sucked from fruits that fall in the ground and rot, carrion, bird droppings, and wet soil.

Amazing this most beautiful butterfly

In contrast to butterflies, caterpillars live mainly by eating leaves. These caterpillars are very gluttonous, but generally each type of caterpillar specializes in eating leaves of certain types of plants only. So that the presence of a type of butterfly somewhere, is also determined by the availability of plants that host the caterpillars.

Butterflies and moths are known as plant pollinating insects, which help the flowers develop into fruit. So for farmers, and people in general, this butterfly is very useful to help the course of pollination of crops.

To take advantage of the beauty of some of its types, now many people develop butterfly farms.

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