Amazing Herd of Dolphins

Dolphins are classified as intelligent mammals. Amazing herd of dolphins.

Amazing Herd of Dolphins

They live in the sea and rivers throughout the world. Dolphins are relatives of whales and porpoises. There are more than 40 types of dolphins.

Dolphins have a system that is used to communicate and receive stimuli called the sonar system, this system can avoid objects in front of the dolphins, thus avoiding collisions.

This technology is then applied in the manufacture of submarine radar.

Amazing Herd of Dolphins

Dolphins are very intelligent marine mammals, besides the natural systems that complement their bodies are very complex.

So that many technologies are inspired by dolphins. One example is the dolphin skin which is able to reduce friction with the water, so the dolphin can swim with little water resistance.

This is what swimmers use to design swimsuits that look like dolphin skins.

Amazing Herd of Dolphins

Newborn baby dolphins will be brought to the surface by their mothers so they can breathe air.

Dolphins need to rise to the surface to breathe in order to stay alive. Dolphins breathe through air holes that are located above their heads.
Its slippery and slender body is perfect for swimming.

Mother dolphins feed their children with delicious milk and provide energy for their children to grow up quickly.

Each young dolphin is always near its mother, so that her mother can protect it from harm.

Dolphins always maintain a relationship with their children until they grow bigger. Mother dolphins call their chicks with a special whistle that they can recognize.

Amazing Herd of Dolphins

Dolphins live and work in groups or called herds. They often play together.

A dolphin cannot sleep well under water. He can drown. Therefore, he is half asleep during some times of the day.

Dolphins eat squid and fish such as gray mullet. Sometimes dolphins herd a school of fish to make it easier to catch.

Amazing Herd of Dolphins

Dolphins find their way by sending sounds in the water. If the sound hits an object, the sound will be reflected back as an echo. Sometimes, the noise in the sea due to oil drilling can confuse the dolphins. They will have difficulty sending and receiving messages. Because dolphins can communicate, the dolphins are called the most intelligent animals, surpassing chimpanzees.

Humans have always been interested in dolphin stories. The Romans created a dolphin mosaic image about 2,000 years ago.

Now, humans like to swim in the sea with smart and friendly animals such as dolphins.

The dolphins have to watch out for sharks that might attack them at any time. They protect themselves with their teeth, sometimes they use their beaks as a ram.

Amazing Herd of Dolphins

Humans can catch lots of fish for dolphins for food. Sometimes, dolphins are caught by fishing nets. They are unable to breathe on the surface, as a result they drown.

When hazardous chemicals are dumped into the ocean, the waste can poison the food that dolphins eat. The construction of reservoirs in rivers and draining of lakes left little place for animals such as dolphins to live.

Dolphins are classified as intelligent mammals. Dolphins can help humans, if the dolphins are trained, they can even break through the circle of fire. Sea lions, primate species, whales and dogs are also intelligent animals.

Amazing Herd of Dolphins

Trained dolphins can perform various attractions and they can also count, but wild dolphins are not yet able to perform various attractions.

Nowadays, dolphins and whales are increasingly rare, therefore dolphins and whales have started to be protected around the world.

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