Amazing This Cute Grasshopper

Locusts are herbivorous insects. What is a herbivore? Herbivores are plant-eating animals. Wow so amazing this cute grasshopper.

Amazing This Cute Grasshopper

Locust insects prefer humid outdoor areas with lots of grass and other low plants, although some other species live in forests or wilderness.

Others are on cliffs, dirt, and mossy moist rocks and consume moss.

Many species of locusts that live in pastures often attack the surrounding farmer's fields. Excessive locust populations will greatly harm farmers if they attack crops on plantations.

Amazing This Cute Grasshopper

This locust insect has antennae that are almost always shorter than its body and also have a short ovipositor.

The sound generated by some species of locusts is usually produced by rubbing the rear femur against the front wing or abdomen (called stridulation), or because of the flutter of its wings while flying.

The rear femur is generally long and strong which is suitable for jumping.

Locust insects are generally winged, although their wings can sometimes not be used for flying.

Female locusts are generally larger than male locusts.

Amazing This Cute Grasshopper

In some countries, locusts are consumed as a source of protein. For example in southern Mexico, chapulines are favored for their high content of proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Locusts are usually collected at dusk, with the help of lamps or flashlights, using a broom net. Furthermore, locusts are put in water for 24 hours, then can be eaten raw or by boiling, dried with the sun, fried, seasoned with spices such as garlic, shallots, chili peppers, given a squeeze of lime, and used for soups or as fillers of various cuisines. The grasshopper menu is quite abundant in food markets as well as street vendors in Central and Southern Mexico.

Amazing This Cute Grasshopper

In some african countries, locusts are an important food source in addition to several other types of incubation. Locusts become a source of protein and fat for the daily diet, especially in the event of a food crisis. Usually locusts cooked soup.

Locusts are consumed in Uganda and some neighboring regions are called nsenene, although they are actually grass crickets.

At Chinese food markets, such as Donghuamen Night Market, locust dishes are served using skewers.

In some countries in the Middle East, locusts are boiled with salt, dried in sunlight, then eaten as snacks.

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